About this book

A Curious Collection of Cats is the brainchild of author Betsy Franco and illustrator Michael Wertz. It was published by Tricycle Press.

The quirky ways of cats are exquisitely captured in more than thirty original visual (concrete) poems. From acrobat-flipping to toilet-bowl-sipping, couch-scratching to dog-catching, this insightful collection celebrates the fickle feline in ways that any cat lover will appreciate. Fun for kids, and fun for adults to read to kids. Heck, it’s fun to read if you’re a grown-up kid!

“Words and pictures blend in these concrete poems about cats, written in forms that include haiku, limerick, and free verse. Once kids get the feel of how to follow the lines–up and down or in curving jumps pr around the page borders–they will have fun with the playful images. One poem is in the shape of a feline tail. Another describes Kabob the cat’s fall upside down, and not only do the pictures show his movement, but the words do, too. When felines fight, the position of the words mirrors their furious screeches, howls, and pouncing, and biting. Cat lovers will recognize the standoffs with arching backs, the cozy touch of the “purrfect” scarf on their shoulders, and the tech-savvy cat who walks across the keyboard to add her own note to an e-mail to a friend.” –Booklist, March 15, 2009


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